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Cost Estimation

Tender in Construction Management Software

For submitting competitive biddings for large construction projects (aka tender) you need the sophisticated rate analysis techniques and ability to prepare the cost estimation. BlueDolphin’s tender module accomplishes that with the ability to compare rate revisions and past history. The software includes master data management which ensures reliable data from all the suppliers and subcontractors, regional rates, and so on. The module has

  • Structure Details
  • Contract Type
  • Rate Analysis
  • Checklist
  • Quantity Estimation
  • Rate Revision
  • Tender Approval
  • Tender Generation

Construction Management Software Quantity Estimation

Quantity Estimation is an important part of cost estimation and BlueDolphin provides the ability to calculate quantity of materials needed to accomplish a particular item of work like a brick wall.

Construction Management Software Rate Analysis

For preparing the tenders, typically construction companies get quotation from subcontractors, suppliers and vendors. Then they compare the rates, add profit margins and  arrive at different cost structure. This process is time consuming and repeatable. BlueDolphin helps in rate analysis and help construction companies prepare profitable yet competitive tenders.

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